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Furls Streamline Wood Purpleheart 15.00mm

Furls Streamline Wood Purpleheart 15.00mm

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Furls' most affordable luxury hook, the Furls Streamline. Handmade out of 3 stunning woods and polished to a super smooth finish, our ergonomic crochet hooks are guaranteed to make your stitches more even.

*Please note that due to the organic nature of wood, no two woodgrains are the same, and your hook may look different than the sample shown on our website. One of the most exciting features of handmade hooks is that each one is handcrafted, special, and unique. Thus, no two are the same.

Care Instructions

To keep the metal hook shiny and clean wash hands before each use. Our hands carry dirt and natural oils that can cause the hook to tarnish. Wipe down with a polishing cloth when done crocheting.

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