Welcome to The Tight Stitch Co.

My name is Victoria (she/her), and I run this little online store. I am a first generation Mexican-American from South Carolina but I moved to London, UK in October 2018. My grandmother first taught me to knit and crochet many years ago, and although I was never consistent I would always go through phases of picking up my hooks and needles from time to time. In 2020 I lost my job due to Covid, and knitting and crocheting became very therapeutic during a tough time as I was able to learn more skills, complete projects, and feel accomplished.

It’s important for me to share my story as I would like to run my business as authentically as possible and so you know why I’m here. My personality likes to be honest and open and this store is an extension of myself. (I will try not to make this page a novel). 

Firstly, I’d like to thank Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts for really getting me hooked (no pun intended). Her amazing patterns and YouTube videos opened my fiber arts world to a different community than the one I had experienced in the past. I genuinely don’t know what I would be doing if I had’t stumbled upon her Instagram in mid 2020. You don’t know me, Toni, but I love you!!! 

Secondly, The Tight Stitch Co. was created to bring the fiber arts community together, and this is why I am choosing to house yarns from outside the UK. Yarn dyers have their own unique style and stories behind their yarn and this is why I want to make it easier for British fiber artists to enjoy more dyers from across the world. Bridging communities makes me so excited and happy! I value people and relationships and this is what I hope the focal point of my shop will be.

Thirdly, besides having some of the prettiest yarns, tools, and notions, The Tight Stitch Co in the future will organize small gatherings and workshops based in London. While still staying safe, I would like to start creating an in person community where we can enjoy each other’s company and also learn a thing or two. 

Fourthly and finally, I am not here for shenanigans or to stay silent. If you see something you don’t agree with and you’d like to have a discussion feel free to reach out. However I will not tolerate disrespect towards members of the community or myself. This is a place where people of all walks of life are welcome EXCEPT if you’re causing harm to others. If this bothers you, maybe this isn’t the shop for you. 

I am so excited to have this little store. Stay tuned for future updates and hopeful get-togethers and I can’t wait to see where this journey goes!