Furls Presale FAQs

Furls Presale Information & FAQs

The Furls presale will allow you to request a specific hook you see in stock on the Furls website (https://furlscrochet.com/). Once I have confirmed availability with Furls I will invoice you for 50% of the product(s). Once the order safely arrives at The Tight Stitch Co., I will invoice you for the remaining 50% plus shipping. 

Once you have added the presale listing to your cart, please enter a note in the cart with the hooks you’d like to purchase/secure. If hook size is more important than color I suggest adding 2 or 3 varieties/colors while if the variety or color is more important I would suggest adding 2 or 3 sizes to assure you can secure what you’d like. 

Example 1: I am collecting all the Taurus hooks so I will add the following note to my cart.

3 Taurus hooks in any of the following sizes: 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, or 8m. 

Example 2: I mostly use 4mm hooks and not particular about color so I will add the following note to my cart.

1 Odyssey hooks in either Blue, Iris, or Turquoise. 

Should all hooks be available I will prioritise from left to right. If you only want one specific hook please feel free to only submit that one hook in the preorder. I just like to provide options when possible. 


When will I receive my hooks? 

I do not have a definite answer as we will have to wait for Furls to dispatch the hooks. The wait time is up to 4 - 5 weeks from the day the order was placed to be in your hands. This will allow for processing and dispatch and time to go through customs and delivery to TTSC. Once I check the hooks I will send out the invoice for the remaining amount plus shipping. Please note: this is an estimate, the world is still not functioning to pre-covid time frames and there can be delays. 

What happens if my hook was not secured?

If I can guarantee that your hook selection can be ordered the first invoice will be issued. If for whatever reason should that change at any point your paid invoice will be refunded. 

Do I have to preorder Furls hooks to request any hook I want to see stocked at TTSC?

Short answer, no. Should you want to suggest any Furls hooks you may do so by contacting me via the Contact form on the TTSC website. The Presale just secures the specific hook you may want. If I order 4mm Aquarius hooks and you don’t didn’t secure it via presale there is no guarantee you can buy a 4mm Aquarius hook as they will be first-come-first-served once listed on the website.