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Furls Leather Crochet Clutch: Hook Organizer Travel Bag and Purse

Furls Leather Crochet Clutch: Hook Organizer Travel Bag and Purse

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Genuine leather holders and travel cases for Furls crochet hooks. This clutch holds up to 7 Furls hooks or 21 conventional hooks.

All your tools, on the go

Naturally flexible leather provides the perfect hold around each Furls Crochet hook, or up to 3 conventional hooks, in each of the seven slots. Keep your most needed and loved tools right at hand and ready to travel anywhere with you.

Style & Portability

We wanted you to give you the ability to take your favorite Furls Crochet hooks anywhere. Your Furls Crochet clutch looks like an elegant leather purse from the outside, but is the travelling crocheter's secret weapon.

Magnetic Clasp Closure

Handmade from 100% genuine cow leather, this crochet hook travel purse seals securely with a hidden magnetic clasp under the front flap

The Covert Crocheter

The urge to crochet can strike at any time. With a Furls Crochet hook clutch, you'll never have your precious yarn, hooks, and projects away from you, leaving you to satisfy your crochet cravings at any moment.
Each clutch is about 9 inches long and 4.5 inches tall, easily fitting into a larger handbag or tote. No one will ever know that you're keeping your crochet addiction right on hand.
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